Poppy X2 Plus Bud Spray Light Pink 75cm 5260LPK


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This poppy in light pink is simply romance. Long, thin stem upon which sit detailed petals reminiscent of scrunched paper, featuring wrinkles and slightly ruffled edges. In nature, this is due to the  tight bud encasing the delicate flower before bursting in to brilliant bloom.  At 75cm in length, this poppy is ideal for bouquets and arrangements - just trim to size!  Simple bottle vases holding single stems is a fabulous look for these beauties. Think bold and bright and line them down the centre for a table bursting with colour.  For a romantic bouquet mix with rose buds & full blooms, peonies, hybrid lilac with free flowing whimsical foliage such as the pepper berry (item 6487).  Minimum order quantity 24 pieces