Meet the gang!

Posted by RTC on 22nd Oct 2018

Meet the gang!

As Christmas nears we thought it would be fun to shine the spotlight on a few of our favourite elves!

Meet Lorenzo!

Lorenzo, is a big fan of the finer things in life. His North Pole apartment is filled with couture clothing and fine wine. Plush velvet, trims of fur, threads of gold, he is certainly a leader in the fashion stakes amongst the sprites. And for good reason, for Lorenzo is the fashion mogul at the North Pole. Akin to the Versace of the human kind, Lorenzo is the Founder, Creative Director, and Head Designer of the North Pole fashion house. Showcasing his latest collection “Ritz”, his designs are always cutting edge. He does not shy away from new trends, lovingly embracing rich colour, pattern, and texture.

Lorenzo has been designing for Santa and the elf families for hundreds of years and will no doubt continue to do so for centuries to come!

Meet Laurel!

Laurel is a true Glamazon, loving all that sparkles and glitters! At work or out on the town, Laurel loves to look good and showcase Lorenzo’s latest designs. A self-confessed Instaholic, follow this girl’s feed for the latest looks and beauty tips, live from the North Pole’s fashion HQ.

Laurel isn’t all about play though. Her eye for detail and intimate knowledge of precious metals and stones make her the finest jewellery maker ever to be seen. She works hard all year round designing her own sparkly pieces which are sold at high-end department stores all over the North Pole!

Meet Alonzo!

Being a true performer, Alonzo loves leading the North Pole Marching Band. The evening of December 23rd is the biggest night on this fellows’ calendar as it this the time of “tools down” for the gifting department elves. At Alonzo’s signal the drums beat in a unique pattern to signify the end of

present preparation. Should the drums be out of beat for just a millisecond, the elves will not stop working (there have been times where there has been a last-minute gift emergency). This drum pattern is as unique as the North Pole itself.

As elves from all over descend on main street, Alonzo leads the marching band in a celebratory parade to thank the elves for all their work and to signal to the reindeer team that their time is near. For the very next day is the single biggest day of the year!

Meet Reuben!

There is no elf community existing that doesn’t have a joker in the family. Our friend Reuben is the one creating mischief and mayhem in our circle! Reuben comes from a long line of jokers, responsible for keeping spirits high despite heads being down hard at work. Hosting stand up nights, talent shows, hiding in silly places, creating ridiculous obstacle courses, playing a practical joke, the occasional food fight, Reuben is the man when it comes to comedy capers at the North Pole. If the elves wake one morning and something just doesn’t seem quite right, there will be little doubt that Reuben and his clan are behind the mayhem about to come to light.