GET THE LOOK: An outdoor Christmas garden party!

Posted by RTC on 29th Nov 2018

GET THE LOOK: An outdoor Christmas garden party!

One of the perks of celebrating the holidays in the Southern Hemisphere is simply the season. There is nothing better on a warm Christmas Day than a beautiful barbecue loaded with festive favourites, cheers & celebration with bubbles chilled in handy table ice buckets, sitting back and relishing the moments as the younger ones laugh and play with delight.

Take your Christmas Day celebration up a few notches by fitting out your dinner table with some beautiful UV protected greenery to create a lush, fresh summer look and feel, greenery that will see you through the New Year without fear of turning blue.


These UV protected bushes add a beautiful kick of greenery to your table setting. Pair them with some petite planters and you got yourself a farm to table feel!

We “planted” a variety of our UV protected bushes, using real soil, for these lovely petite Kew Pots to really bring home the garden party vibe. A mix of ferns, maidenhair, boxwood, and eucalyptus work beautifully on this table setting, adding the perfect punch of green.

Experiment and create your own petite table top planters by using any of our new UV protected bushes and small Kew Pots. The best part about these mini planters... they last a few years in the sun, so you can make them a permanent installation in your garden. Winning!


Let’s be real, you need to have your wine and bubbles comfortably within reach at the holiday dinner table. So why settle for a boring ice bucket when you can jazz it up and make it a fabulous table top statement?

Here we used our lush eucalyptus bush, rustic tin wave bucket, and beautiful seashell ornament to make this popular setup look extra special. Since the UV protected eucalyptus bush stays vibrant for years, even when exposed to sun, you can keep it on show in your garden even after all the ice has melted and wine’s been drunk!

“Plant” any leftover UV protected bushes and hanging eucalyptus bush in the rustic bucket using real soil to make a voluminous outdoor planter box. Perfect for adding a bit of character to any Australian backyard.


Now that you’ve got the table sorted, it’s time to spruce up that boring home exterior! By using our UV protected hanging greenery bushes you can easily create a plush forest oasis right next to your holiday table setting.

Here we used our unique twig bowls and hanging greenery to create this woodland scene. Simply secure the twig bowls to the side of your house, or any wall around your garden, and use twist ties to attach your choice of UV protected greenery to the baskets. Voilà!

These easy to make wall hangings are a great conversation starter and background to your holiday photos. Either bring them inside to add some interest to any room or leave them outside because... these UV protected plants are hardy and can handle the unpredictable weather!