DIY Hanging Greenery Sculptures

Posted by RTC on 17th Dec 2018

DIY Hanging Greenery Sculptures

Large and lush greenery installations are more popular than ever. It’s common to see plants hanging from the ceilings and covering the walls of hip shops and cafés throughout the city. So how to create something that stands out from the crowd?

Our favourite way to show off greenery this season is to design a hanging sculpture. This project is a twist on the classic greenery wall or hanging basket. A true statement piece, these hanging greenery sculptures can be draped with any combination of your favourite stems.


  • 2x wire bowls
  • Twist ties
  • Wire-cutters
  • 1x metal chain
  • Your favourite hanging greenery pieces! - we used a mix of hanging ferns and succulents to create this look!


1. Use the twist ties to attach the 2x wire bowls together, forming a wire sphere.

2. Next, choose your favourite hanging greenery pieces and attach to the top of the sphere using the twist ties again.

3. Work your way around the top of the sphere, draping each piece of greenery over the sculpture, until you get your desired look.

4. Use the wire-cutters to trim any parts of the greenery that needs trimming.

5. Once you’ve secured all the greenery, attach the metal chain to the very top of the sphere, using a twist tie, and hang in your favourite corner for a dramatic burst of green!

We can't wait to see what you've made! Use #rtcfloral and share with us your creations!