Hybrid Leucospermum Stem Rust 56cm 6095RU

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Similar to our very own native Grevillea, this cylindrical shaped flower is incredibly stunning. From it's creamy toned core shoot fabulous needles in tones of rust completed with a brown stamen centre.  Amazing texture and structure, this Hybrid Leucospermum is a beautiful piece of sculpture art.  Try this with Curly Leucospermum (6256) and perhaps Billy Button (5663YE), together with your fave foliage. Whether muted tones of grey/green or bright and bold greenery is more your style, these blooms are a must have in any native floral work. 

If native isn't your style, pair with tropical delights such as Heleconia (6210, 6211) or Phalaenopsis Orchid (5223) and bold architectural leaves such as Monsteria (5803), Philodendron (6456), Taro Leaf (6455), Sansiveria (6453, 6454) or perhaps a palm (5765). Whatever your style, the Hybrid Leucospermum makes for a striking arrangement. Minimum order 12pcs