DIY Succulent Centrepiece

Posted by RTC on 13th May 2016

Create your own succulent centrepiece using one of our many crates! Succulents are right on trend and look great as a unique centrepiece or even as part of your home décor. We have an extensive range of succulents to choose from to make your very own design.

In this vibrant creation we have used:

5624 - Set of 3 "Flowers & Plants" tray (we have used the largest size)

3x FOAM4 - Floral Foam Brick Dry 23 x 11 x 8cm

5549GRRD - Echiveria Stem 24cm

5550BUGR - Echiveria Pick 17cm

5550GRBU - Echiveria Pick 17cm

5528 - 2x Assorted Succulent Picks 25cm

5524 - 3x Assorted Succulent Picks 10cm

5529 - 3x Assorted Succulent Picks 20cm

5525 - 6x Assorted Succulent Picks 11-17cm

5526 - 3x Assorted Succulent Picks 11cm

5198 - Moss Mat 50cm x 200cm


1. Cut foam to fill out crate

2. Cut moss mat to cover foam and push down edges into the inside of the crate to secure

3. Place succulents as desired through the moss mat into the foam

Hint: You may need to trim some of the succulent stems, easiest way is to use pliers

Hint: If you are finding it difficult to push succulents through the mat, use scissors to make a small hole first

Shop our range of succulents and crates now and start creating for your next occasion

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