DIY Floral Wreath

Posted by RTC on 8th Aug 2015

Create your own floral wreath or candle holder with our 25cm foam wreath!  Decide on the style of your occasion - formal or relaxed, confirm your colour pallette and let your imagination run wild. Blooms & foliage can be selected from any stem or bouquet from our extensive range. 

In this gorgeous creation we have used:

FOAM6 – Foam Wreath 25cm
5239MV – Peony Bundle X5 Mauve 23cm
4994PU – Mini Calla Lily Bouquet X9 Purple 35cm
4994WH – Mini Calla Lily Bouquet X9 White 35cm
5176LV – Vanda Orchid Lavender 54cm
5176VI – Vanda Orchid Violet 54cm
5240MV – Single Peony Mauve 50cm
5449 – Lambs Ear 39cm
3940CR – Peony Bundle X5 Cream 30cm

Simply trim the stem to roughly 7cm and stick them into the foam! So simple and easy, let your creative spirit flow! 

Hint: if you have a budget in mind, be cost effective and choose a stem that has more than one floral bloom and/or bud that can be used. Alternatively bouquets offer a great range of flowers and foliage of varying sizes, all colour coordinated for you. Simply pull apart and place in to your wreath to create an entire new piece 

* Please note for safety purposes you must use battery operated flameless candle. 

Shop our range of flowers and foliage now and start creating for your next occasion

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